Home Energy Efficiency and Sustainability​ Assessors

Accredited with NatHERS and DELWP

Local Governments

  • Local government has long been recognised as key to helping residents reduce their energy and water use and lower greenhouse gas emissions as a response to climate change. In addition, all councils have goals related to the health and wellbeing of residents and providing assistance to vulnerable and disadvantaged householders who may have trouble living comfortably in their homes because they experience energy hardship.

  • The Scorecard program is available to the general public and offers a pathway towards improving the energy efficiency and comfort of a home. A number of local governments are already using Scorecard and providing free, subsidised or full price assessments to their residents through a contracted provider.

  • If you have a residential energy project you think may benefit from using Scorecard, please contact the Scorecard team on contact us to discuss your options.

  • Scorecard can also be used to support applications for Environmental Upgrade Finance. Using a rating for an existing house and a Variation Report to test the results of different types of upgrades, Councils can be assured that upgrades will have a tangible and quantifiable environmental benefit, ensuring that annual reporting of energy and emissions reductions are quick and easy.