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Home Energy Efficiency and Sustainability​ Assessors

Accredited with NatHERS, Scorecard and VEU


Scorecard Basic

Scorecard assessment and certificate. Star rating for your house and general recommendations based on certificate results. Best for homeowners who need the rating, ie to apply for loan (some banks offer discount loans based on Scorecard rating) or for a rebate (some councils offer grants to help with energy rating improvements or coming soon VEU rebate). A general look at your house's running costs and how it compares to other houses.   


Scorecard Full

Scorecard assessment, certificate and report. Including comprehensive report of energy efficiency issues and recommendations, upgrade priorities by star rating, cost and impact, rebate information and SuperSeal quote. Best for homeowners wanting to make energy efficiency improvements in their homes, helps planning renovations or reduce running costs. 



Regulatory rating and report, including stamped plans required for building permit. We are accredited to use all 3 major rating software, BERS, FR5 or Hero. A 50% discounted rate is available for 2nd and subsequent ratings in multiple building/unit development if the floorplan is the same or mirror image.  



DTS is a another way of demonstrating compliance with building code requirements when applying for building permit for renovation or addition. Includes stamped plans and a report for the building surveyor. 


Changes to the base assessment to compare different scenarios or upgrade options. Can be used in NatHERS or DTS assessments on design stage to identify most cost effective option to achieve required start rating. In Scorecard, variations can be used to identify most effective upgrade path or if the rating is required before and after the upgrades (for a discounted loan or a rebate). 

Variations can be small or complex. Complex variations, when changes are made to the zones (rooms) ie changing in size, adding or removing rooms may require additional fee.


Identify sources of small heat and energy leaks in your house. The report is an obligation free quote to fix all leaks identified in your house. You can use it as a checklist to fix all issues yourself, or you can accept the quote and get one of our installers to fix them all for you. Free with Scorecard report or Pre-Purchase report.



A detailed report showing how each room/zone in house performs within overall rating. Highlights potential high power usage areas and building shell efficiency issues. We also analyse fixed appliances, plug in appliances and behavioural power usage to identify sources of higher energy usage. Use this report to investigate high power bills, problem areas or just to see how each part of the house is performing.  


Electrification Report     

Complete worksheet with all tasks required to go off gas, including initial and ongoing costs, savings and return on investment. Tailored specifically to your house and requirements. Based on actual costs of new appliances, installation/decommissioning labour charges and your energy rates and usage. Everything you need to know to decide and ready to go step by step tasklist if you do.   

Pre-Purchase Report  

This report is for customers who want to know what sort of energy efficiency improvements will be required to do in the house they are thinking of buying. The inspection will cover all energy efficiency issues and possible solutions/improvements with estimated cost and impact. It is similar to our Scorecard report but without the certificate and please note, it is not a building, structural or pest report - just energy efficiency.