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Accredited with NatHERS and DELWP

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A detailed report showing how each room/zone in house performs within overall rating. Highlights potential high power usage areas and building shell efficiency issues. We also analyse fixed appliances, plug in appliances and behavioural power usage to identify sources of higher energy usage. Use this report to investigate high power bills, problem areas or just to see how each part of the house is performing.  



Identify sources of small heat and energy leaks in your house. The report is an obligation free quote to fix all leaks identified in your house. You can use it as a checklist to fix all issues yourself, or you can accept the quote and get one of our installers to fix them all for you. 


VEU Upgrades & Installations

Our associated business, Homelab Building Services, is accredited to provide free and subsidised installations and rebates under VEU (VEET) Scheme.  Click here  to go to Homelab website to read what services are rebates are available for residents and businesses.