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RoomByRoom Assessments

High Power Bill -

High energy usage can be caused by several factors:

- inefficient building design

- inefficient or faulty appliances

- inefficient living habits/routines

- high electricity rates

Our Room By Room report can help identifying these problem areas and recommend steps to fix them. The report compares each zone (room) contribution to the final rating and any issues within the area. A detailed inspection of your house can take up to 3 hours during which we will:

- Collect information about building shell

- Measure energy usage of your appliances and lights

- Ask questions about your usage of electricity

- Check your rates and tariffs (from energy bills)

We will then process all information and produce a report including:

- Detailed usage analysis by area highlighting high usage items

- Analysis of appliances and any other issues

- List of recommendations to reduce energy usage

Renovation Planning