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Home Energy Efficiency and Sustainability​ Assessors

Accredited with NatHERS and DELWP

RoomByRoom Assessments

High Power Bill -

High energy usage can be caused by several factors:

- inefficient building design

- inefficient or faulty appliances

- inefficient living habits/routines

- high electricity rates

Our Room By Room report can help identifying problem areas in your house. The report compares each zone (room) contribution to the final rating and highlights areas that need to be looked at in more detail. To complete the report we may collect additional information during Scorecard inspection like:

- Measure energy usage of your selected appliances

- Ask questions about your usage of energy

- Usage information from your energy bills

- Take infrared pictures to check building shell 

We will then process the additional information and include in Scorecard report and discuss any issues (reported or found) and ways to improve. 

Renovation Planning

RoombyRoom Floor Plan

To complete this report we will require building plans or other, as detailed as possible plans of the house and a copy of your power bills.