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Residential Efficiency Scorecard


Be Energy Efficient 7 Stars

Scorecard is a home energy rating program which will give your home star rating much like most home appliances are now rated.​

​  Scorecard Assessment

Homeowners, Sellers, Buyers,

Renovators, Landlord, Renters, 

Builders, Real Estate Agents

  • Developed by Victorian Government to assess and compare homes in all climate zones.

  • Star rating reflects running costs to keep the house comfortable

  • New and existing homes, flats and apartments.
  • Focuses on the building shell and fixed appliances.

  • Report includes suggestions and advice how to make energy saving improvements cost effectively.

  • Reduce energy use and energy bills.
  • Reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Improve comfort of your home in winter and summer.
  • Better understand the energy performance of your home.